mtn ussd codes

MTN will be introducing new short codes in accordance with the new numbering guidelines
gazetted by the Independence Communications Regulations of South Africa (ICASA).
From the 24 March 2018 short codes that MTN customers use to check their airtime balance,
retrieve voicemail messages, and contact center will no longer be valid

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a technology that allows users to access various services through the use of short codes. It usually consists of number that start with * and end with #.

Here is a list of some useful MTN USSD Codes

Services Current USSD string New USSD string
MTN Self-service *141# *136#
Voicemail service

(Missed call & preference)

*100# *132#
MTN Zone Cell broadcast *135# * 175#
Huawei-SDP (MTN Play) *136# *156#
Services Current USSD string
New USSD string
Prepaid service *173#  *135#
Post-paid service *162#  *135#
RICA *132# *135#
Sim Swap *126*7927#  *135#
International roaming *111#  *135#
Mobile number portability *113#  *135#


Spin n Win currently on *136# will be migrated to * 156 * 083 #
MTN Zone currently on * 135 # will be migrated to * 175 #
HSDP Services currently on *136 # will be migrated to * 156 #



Did You Know?

  1. There are officially more mobile devices than people in the world.
  2. Two out of three teenagers would buy airtime/data instead of food with the last money in their pockets.
  3. The first mobile call was made by Martin Cooper, an inventor at Motorola in 1973.
  4. Mobile phones today have more computing power than the computers that were used for the Apollo 11 to land on the moon.
  5. More than a 100 000 phones in Britain alone are dropped in the toilet every year.
  6. More than 4 billion people on the planet own one or more mobile phones, but only 3.5 billion people use a toothbrush.
  7. There is a 5 to 6 ratio for mobile phones to each PC on earth.
  8. The mobile phone industry is the fastest growing industry in the world.
  9. The first mobile phone weighed a whopping 1 kilogram.
  10. The average phone has 19 times more bacteria than a toilet handle.
  11. South Africa has a population of 51.8 million (recorded), but has 66.1 million mobile connections (recorded).
  12. There are more mobile phones in South Africa than taxi’s, televisions and radios combined.
  13. The first handheld mobile phone only had 20 minutes of battery life, and once drained, it took +- 10 hours to fully charge again.
  14. The fear of having no cell phone signal or not being able to make and receive calls is called Nomophobia.

Got any other interest facts?  Why not let us know in the comments section below.

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whatsapp logo

WhatsApp is one of the fastest growing communication apps in the world today.  People share messages, photo’s, videos, reminders and other important information every day.  It has already replaced sms’s and mms’s, and is becoming the fastest and cheapest way of communication in the world.  Group chats and other features make it even more relevant to everybody who owns a smartphone, especially since it’s very user friendly and convenient to use.

All across the world, and even more so in countries like South Africa, WhatsApp provides a cheaper and very effective way for small (and other) business communication.  Besides the fact that an overpowering number of small businesses in our country simply do not have the luxury of the internet, access to e-mail facilities, landlines or even an office, WhatsApp provides a fast and simple way of communication.

It’s a great way to communicate with customers and/or clients.  Response time is usually quick, and you can receive replies to business communications or orders responding to advertisements placed on WhatsApp within seconds.


More and more people are starting to use WhatsApp for business communication

You can manage your whole business with WhatsApp, from suppliers to internal business communications to customer and/or client communications.

Bigger companies use WhatsApp for quick and effective communication with staff members as well as clients.  It can be used to schedule meetings, confirm meetings, following up on urgent tasks, providing important information and so much more.  Business owners and managers are also able to see exactly when a message is read, enabling them to manage more closely.

Instead of having an e-mail list, a business can have a WhatsApp list instead.  This is ideal to communicate with new clients, manage existing clients, and to provide loyal clients and/or customers with frequent business or product updates.

You can create messages to include basic reporting, updates, news, product information, photos of products, contact details, banking details, etc.  You can even attach documents and other information.  Complaints can be addressed in seconds, giving you the chance to fix problems sooner than later.

WhatsApp is a powerful and wonderful tool for communication across the board.  Because it’s so simple to use, not to mention cost effective, it’s no longer just a social app, but also a very important and useful business app.

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