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About Us

Who we are

CosmoNet stands as a prominent franchise of MTN Stores, boasting an extensive network of over 35 stores nationwide. As a distinguished MTN Key Accounts Partner, our commitment to excellence is evident through our exceptional service, unwavering support, and a team of outstanding professionals.

In the rapidly evolving and exciting industry we operate in, we pride ourselves on offering the latest and most competitive MTN packages at affordable rates, ensuring that every customer can find a tailored MTN deal that suits their needs. We thrive on agility, intelligence, and a strong sense of unity. Our management team embodies an entrepreneurial spirit, readily accessible to our stakeholders and driven by making a tangible difference.

Our Dedication

Our knowledgeable, courteous, and ambitious staff members are at the forefront of providing remarkable experiences for both our valued customers, partners, and SME clients. Together, we are dedicated to surpassing expectations and delivering exceptional results.

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At Cosmo-Net, the concept of support transcends beyond mere words; it is a cornerstone of our daily operations. Whether you’re an individual customer looking for a personalized MTN package or an SME requiring seamless value-added services, our team of highly skilled professionals is readily accessible to guide you through your needs. With over 35 stores across the nation, our support network is expansive yet intimate, ensuring that every query is handled with the same level of urgency and expertise. We understand that in our rapidly changing industry, support isn’t just about problem-solving; it’s about helping you make the most of what technology has to offer.

Quality at Cosmo-Net is not just a metric; it’s a promise. As a distinguished MTN Key Accounts Partner, we adhere to the highest standards in offering cutting-edge MTN packages that are competitively priced without compromising on excellence. Our management team’s entrepreneurial spirit ensures that we are always on the hunt for innovative solutions that serve the needs of our diverse customer base. From network reliability to the ease of service customization, we are committed to providing only the best, so our customers can experience true peace of mind.

At the heart of Cosmo-Net’s unparalleled service lies our commitment to exceptional customer care. We believe that every customer, partner, and SME client deserves not just a transaction, but a remarkable experience. Our trained sales and support staff are courteous, knowledgeable, and proactive, ensuring that your interactions with us go beyond the norm. Whether it’s through our Business Support page or face-to-face consultation in one of our 35+ nationwide stores, we’re always here to listen, assist, and exceed your expectations in every possible way.

Nothing speaks more loudly about the quality of our service than the testimonials of our satisfied customers. Whether you are shopping for personal or business solutions, our team at Cosmo-Net takes great pride in exceeding customer expectations. We are elated when we hear that a tailored MTN package we offered not only met but surpassed a customer’s needs. Our extensive network of happy customers, partners, and SME clients is the most rewarding aspect of our work and serves as a constant motivation for us to continue delivering exceptional results.

Cosmo-Net thrives on providing an extensive range of MTN packages, tailor-made to cater to the unique needs of each individual and business. We understand that variety is not just an option but a necessity in our fast-paced digital world. Whether you’re looking for a basic mobile package or advanced business solutions with multiple value-added services, we’ve got you covered. We stay ahead of industry trends, offering the latest packages at affordable rates, ensuring that our product portfolio is as diverse as the customers we serve. With Cosmo-Net, you will always find a product that fits just right, reaffirming our position as the ‘King of Choice’ in the telecommunications sector.